About Us

In 1935 my grandparents, Ray and Gladys, started a candy business on West Seneca Street, making hard candy suckers.

The broad smiling face suckers they called "The Man in the Moon" were sold wholesale throughout the state. With a hand press that would mold 3 at a time, they made 1000 suckers per day.

The suckers were popular, but without the means to purchase more automated equipment, Ray and Gladys were unable to expand production and reluctantly closed the business.

It was 10 years later, in 1946, that they were able to realize their dream to open a candy business and make it a success. Oddly, "The Man in the Moon" sucker was not made again, and the hand press was set aside, almost forgotten.

It is an honor to carry on the candy making business, with many of the recipes my grandparents used up to 70 years ago. I use only quality products to make the finest candy in the tradition of a long-ago era.

As a tribute to my grandparents, I have named my business Man in the Moon Candies, and like them, I have a dream of making quality candy for a new generation.

Thank you for purchasing my candy and sharing in my dream.

Amy Stone-Lear